Zero Artistic Movement vs Pornostroika Dadaifi

The Zero Artistic Movement and the Pornostroika Dadaifi project are the contemporary “DADA” in Greece.

The band Pornostroika Dadaifi works with revenge. Revenge music, art and society, politics, everything. Simplistic music, annoyingly simplistic and so direct lyrics that seems like a manifest. A provocative project – they don’t get anything seriously but the result is proposed as a serious one. Science fiction, conspiracy theories, art history, marxism and b-movies – all seen ironically. Dadas, Fluxus and industrial bands demystification irony.

Everything started in 1999 at the Greek island Lesvos. Their recordings are cd’s, offered for free after concerts, and through the internet. Some of them are: “Werewolves against Minotaurs”, “Viva ZAM Viva Dada”, “The undergrounds prevail”, “The Minotaur is their fetish”.

Listen and download for free at myspace.

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