Masters of Amateurism

Masters of Amateurism Graffiti artist Falk Lehmann (aka Akut), autodidact, curator and co-author of Ma’claim: Finest Photorealistic Graffiti, will give an art performance and talk on Saturday 26 June at the Urban Arts Festival in Amsterdam. At 14:00, Lehmann will create a one-off performance art piece on Spui. From 16:00, he will give a talk at Spui25 about his work and his role as a self-taught artist and curator of the book Ma’claim: Finest Photorealistic Graffiti. Admission to both events is free, but please register for the talk by email at, giving your full name. Masters of Amateurism This year, Premsela and the American Book Center are holding a series of presentations focusing on the intersection of amateurism, popular culture and design. For this series, Masters of Amateurism, we invite international authors and designers to speak about their work in light of specific aspects of amateurism, such as DIY, hacking, Web 2.0, bricolage and street fashion.

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