Guerrilla Girls CELEBRATING 25 YEARS!


25 years ago, some posters went up on the streets of New York and all hell broke loose. The posters showed how bad things were for women artists in museums and galleries and everyone started talking about the issues. The press release from May 6, 1985 stated: “Simple facts will be spelled out; obvious conclusions can be drawn.” The Guerrilla Girls were born!

Since then there have been over a hundred projects — posters, actions, billboards, books, and stickers — about art, art history, politics, film, social issues, pop culture and corruption in the art world. Recently, we’ve done gigs and workshops at hundreds of universities — even at art museums that we’ve attacked. We’ve created public projects all over the world: at the Venice Biennale, in Mexico City, Ireland, Montreal, France, Istanbul, Athens and Shanghai. We always try to twist an issue around in some new, provocative way, using facts, humor, fake fur and outrageous visuals, with the intent of changing peoples’ minds.


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