Puss Magazine


From 1968 to 1974, a group of underground Swedish artists published twenty-four issues of Puss—”Kiss” in English—an in-your-face explosion of body parts and burning flags. While pissing on and pissing off both the right and the left with their unrelenting satire, the Puss crew seemed to take special delight in punching our own 37th President.

Puss participants included Lars HillersbergLena SvedbergCarl Johan De Geer, Leif Katz, Ulf Rahmberg, and “US correspondent” Oyvind Fahlstrom. Here’s a google-translation of a 2007 Swedish interview with some of the surviving members.

stumbled on Puss Magazine in March. A few more stumbles brought me to Boo-Hooray’s extensive exhibit on Puss and Carl Johan de Geer. Boo-Hooray (also responsible for the recent Angus MacLise show) kindly provided these files. You can see much more here and read more about the magazine and artists here.

Taken from 50watts.com/

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