GhalamDAR قلمدار

ghalamdar01 ghalamdar02 ghalamdar03

ghalamDAR (which means “the writer” in Farsi) Is an emerging artist working primarily as a graffiti artist. He experiences and creates by using calligraphy, Miniature painting (Negar-gari) and folk objects as parts of his subject inspirations. Traditions and such art movements like saqqakhana hs directly inspired ghalamDAR to challenge the dominant pictorial material of Iranian street art aiming for developing an aesthetic with particular Iranian markers. His works share an affinity with the interlocking aesthetic of “wild style” graffiti and traditional calligraphy which demonstrate an amalgamation of these two cultures. While other artists look at the western hip hop as the source of graffiti, ghalamDAR thinks of the relations between his works and the graffiti of Iranian revolution of 1979 and past artistic streams as his roots.

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